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I purchased a tungsten carbide ring from Tungsten World. At first I loved the ring because it had a very pretty shine and a good weight behind it.

With only a few months the ring tarnished and turned gray. Completely lost its shine and looked more like a stop sign pole. I called Tungsten World and told them what happened. They then accused me of placing my ring into harsh chemicals and making it tarnish.

I felt insulted and what did they think I was doing, dipping my hands into harsh chemical agents??? When I asked them for a lifetime warranty replacement, they told me I needed to pay $50 to use their lifetime warranty replacement. I asked them, "Are you kidding?

I can get a brand new one from another website for $50 and their rings probably won't tarnish like yours." I decided not to get ripped off twice. Thanks for your F***ing ring and stealing my money Tungsten World, I hope you choke on it.

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I have a TW wedding band and have been married about 3.5 years. The ring has numerous chips, dings, and blemishes which started developing months after owning.

Recently while moving a futon (not a couch, a futon!), the ring cracked completely through (but is still wearable).

The quality of the ring seems suspect to me. I would post a picture if allowed.


Sorry, I meant to say Greg, not JoJoVan.

But anyway, I don't think $50 is a "small price to pay" just to return an item. Thank God everyone doesn't charge $50 to return an item!


I don't know how JoJoVan got a free ring replacement, because mine arrived today and the size was wrong, so I thought it would be easy to just call and return them (there were no engravings, and they just arrived today!). But no.

They said there would be a $20 charge to return one, or $30 to return both.

Also, there are just too many complaints about this company's rings. I guess I will return them and go somewhere else.


Don't trust what you read on this website! Pissed consumer leaves negative comments for companies and then tries to make them pay a ridiculous amount to "manage" their reputation.


You must have gotten your ring from a different company because when I had a problem with my wedding ring, I called Tungsten World and they replaced my ring for free! since there was a slight defect.

Thats how a company is supposed be; great customer service!

The new one they sent me looks as good as it did when I first got it over a year ago and I get lots of compliments on it! Thanks Tungsten World


I had a problem with a ring from Tungsten World also (wrong size). I had them send a new one and been happy ever since.

I think $50 to cover shipping and replacement is a small price considering a brand new ring is coming your way. Idk thats just me. I was referred to them from friends who are also very happy with their ring and the service they recieved.

Sorry to hear about your dilemma. Hope it works out!


You have to understand, Tungsten World is a business like any other company. They are all just trying to make money off of you.

I got a bad ring from them too and I realized that I should have stuck to my first intention and got one at the mall. I end up going to Kay Jewelers after all.


Yeah, seems like a lot of people got screwed by Tungsten World. If you look at the prices of their rings, they are the most expensive tungsten rings online and they have the most defects. Looks like the owners of this place is just trying to make a quick buck on bad merchandise.

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